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New to Dentures? Denture Specialists in Arnold, MO Can Help!

New to Dentures? Denture Specialist in Arnold, MO Can Help!

A common question asked by patients in Arnold, MO at Matrix Dental Group is “What exactly are dentures?” A denture is a removable, yet comfortable replacement for missing teeth and neighboring gum tissues. We offer two different types of dentures including complete, and partial dentures. An individual with all teeth missing will opt for a complete set of dentures, while a patient with some natural teeth still intact will be advised to choose a partial denture treatment.

Complete Dentures

• Constructed after teeth have been removed and gums have healed
• Complete dentures can be immediate or conventional
• Conventional dentures are ready for mouth attachment in 8-12 weeks after teeth extraction

Partial Dentures

• Partial dentures have a pink gum-colored base with replacement teeth molded to the device
• Base is attached to metal framework, keeping the denture in place in the mouth
• Fills spaces of missing teeth and keeps remaining natural teeth from shifting

Are There Alternatives to Dentures?

There are substitutes to dentures, such as dental implants, which are a more permanent alternative to a removable denture device. The price of dental implants more costly, yet implants are the closest alternative to the look and feel of natural teeth. Not every individual who seeks this procedure is a candidate for dental implants. Your denture and dental implant specialist at Matrix Dental Group can provide consultation on services to best fit your needs and overall dental health.

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