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Kid’s Dentist In Arnold, MO With 25 Years Of Experience

Family Dentistry Practice Specializing In Painless Child-Friendly Cosmetic Dental Services

Dr. Delaplain DDS, is a kid’s & family dentist practicing at Matrix Dental Group in Arnold, MO. The numerous years of experience in treatment procedures Dr. Delaplain has obtained as a pediatric dentist equivalent have allowed parents and families to feel comfortable sending their loved ones to Matrix Dental Group. During a dental appointment, dental assistants or hygienists will start by analyzing your kid’s medical history with you. This is to make sure that Dr. Delaplain and his team are up to date on the overall health of your child so that we may have knowledge about any issues that may affect your child’s dental health.

Common Kid’s Dental Procedures

Dental Cleanings

• Child’s mouth examined for overall oral health
• Gently remove plaque and tartar that cause cavities & gum disease
• Fluoride applied to protect & strengthen teeth in weak areas


• Promotes the remineralization of weak tooth structure, preventing cavities
• Prescribe the specific amount of fluoride that your child may need by monitoring teeth over time
• Too much fluoride may damage developing teeth & too little leaves teeth vulnerable to decay


• Children need X-rays more frequently than adults because of the rapid growth of their mouths
• X-rays display weaknesses in the tooth structure that may not be visible through the eye alone
• Use of digital radiography that emits 1/4 the radiation of old x-rays, safeguarding your children

Tooth Colored-Fillings

• Repair fractured or decaying teeth
• Used to restore front or back teeth where appearance is important
• Shade of composite material is matched as closely as possible to natural teeth


“Dr. Delaplain and staff have been taking care of my family for several years. We always have an amazing experience there. Today's visit was better than expected. Got in and out with less work needed than anticipated. Bonus visit!!!” – Carrie S.

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