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Our office offers a variety of options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. When the entire arch of teeth is missing the most common replacement is a complete denture.

The conventional full denture consists of an acrylic plate that is fabricated from impressions taken of the patients mouth and custom fit for the shape and function of each individual patient. While this is the most traditional and economic approach, there are some draw backs compared to natural teeth and more modern approaches that are currently available. It will however help the patient improve esthetics,speech and chewing function.

A step up from a conventional denture would be a Locator Denture that is retained by dental implants. In some cases patients have difficulty retaining a conventional denture. In these cases usually 4-6 implants are placed into the jaw bone. Once healed the denture can be fabricated in a way that allows it to be retained by the implants. This can allow a more comfortable fit and chewing experience.

If the patient desires to have chewing power closer to the natural dentition a Conus Denture can be fabricated. While still a removable appliance the retention is far superior and the chewing function is also greatly improved. In this case implants would be placed into the jaw bone. Once healed a custom Conus abutment is placed into the implants and the denture fabricated to fit to them. In theses instances the denture is not only retained by the implant but also supported. For upper restorations the palatal portion can be removed allowing for better taste of food and comfort of the appliance.

The most advanced option would be a Hybrid, also commonly known as an All on 4. This is not a removable solution as it is permanently fixed. In this case usually 4 implants are placed. This appliance is fabricated and permanently fixed to the implants. The appliance can only be removed by a dentist. It also allows superior chewing function, esthetics and comfort.

All on 4 dentures provide immediate function and are less invasive than other solutions, at a lower cost and greater quality of life improvement.

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