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Dental implants are a permanent restoration that is the closest thing to your natural teeth that is currently available. By placing a post into the space where the tooth root used to exist it allows the dentist to permanently attach a crown that looks and functions very similar to a natural tooth.


  • Allow you to smile, speak and eat with confidence
  • Are comfortable and permanently attached in your mouth
  • Look, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Do not rely on any other teeth for support


  • Replace one or more teeth without effecting the adjacent teeth
  • Provide an option to place a permanent restoration where a removable appliance such as a partial denture might otherwise be used
  • Provide support for a complete denture making it more comfortable and secure


Additional benefits include increased self-confidence, improved biting pressure, comfort and tooth-saving and longevity and reliability. If you are facing the loss of one or several teeth dental implants may be right for you, a consult with our office can help you decide.

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