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Tooth Extractions – Removal of Teeth

Tooth extractions are usually a last resort, we will first evaluate your situation and let you know the options. If you have a tooth that has been fractured or severely damaged by decay, it may be a filling, crown or substitute procedure recommended. In certain cases though, too much damage has occurred for the tooth to be restored. When this happens, the tooth may need to be removed or extracted.

Other Common Causes for Teeth Extractions

• Extra teeth are preventing other teeth from emerging.
• Baby teeth that haven’t fallen out in time for adult teeth to come in.
• Individuals getting braces might have teeth extracted to allow more room for the teeth that being shifted into place.
• Wisdom teeth need to be removed if they are decaying, cause discomfort, have a cyst, or infection. Wisdom teeth often get trapped in the jaw and never surface, which can aggravate the gum, causing aching and swelling.

Need a Arnold Dentist with Experience you can Trust – Matrix Dental for Tooth Extractions

What about the Pain?

At Matrix Dental we have been providing tooth extractions for over 25 years. We utilize the latest pain management procedures and aftercare to minimize pain. Anxious patients thank us for the time we take and the way we walk them through each step.

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